Jessicurl since 2012, Stockist since 2014

My name is PK and I live in the lower part of the South Island of New Zealand. I moved here in 2008 and am a Kiwi now. I lived in Germany for almost 30 years. Before that, I lived with my parents in California, where I was born.

In past lives I was a very important film executive and wore a lot of Prada. But I have also owned and operated a wine bistro, wrote film magazines, was a professional photojournalist, a runway model. I am a mother, still a daughter, and I’ve been a wife more than once.
I am a passionate person and enjoy new ideas, new avenues, and reinventing myself.

As a life-long curlie, always on the lookout for that perfect hydrated curl, I became the official stockist of high quality natural Jessicurl products in 2014. I was frustrated at the lack of good attainable product in NZ. I import directly from their headquarters and production plant in the States. My clients are throughout NZ. I have extensive experience with curls as I use these products myself and love them.

My first sewing adventures were Barbie clothes with the babysitter. I took sewing in seventh grade and have really been sewing ever since. There have been times of hiatus but now I’ve been back in for a couple of years now. I try to no longer purchase RTW, only shoes and handbags!! Ha!
I sew in my studio which is also where I do my film work and the Jessicurl distribution.

I have watched and loved film since I was a very little girl. I have always found it completely captivating, escaping into the mind – life – desires of other people for two hours.
I am very lucky that this love has also been my entire professional life. In some way I have always been involved in the film industry. From working cinema to writing movie magazines to buying/booking film to analysing box office performance, there is probably no job in the exhibition side of cinema that I have not done. That professional corporate Prada life is over.
I am still very much involved in film, that is my day job. But I am roughly semi retired and spend lot of time being creative. I am the driving force behind our wee cinema in town, Arthur’s Cinema, and I still review and critique film.
I watch and rewatch a lot of film on a daily basis. People often ask me why I rewatch movies, “haven’t you already seen it?“. I then point out to them that they keep listening to the same album over and over, or keep reading that same novel. Haven’t they heard that song before, or read that book?
You rewatch film to revisit old friends, to relive a moment or emotion you felt in first discovering it.
Film is my book club.