Hair Therapy Wrap


Increase the efficacy of your hair treatments with this reusable, heated hair turban wrap. Colour is arbitrary, this shipment we received black.

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This is a great hair wrap and not to be confused with the lower priced hair bonnets for sale. I use this monthly and have for over 3 years.

The Hair Therapy Wrap applies gentle heat for up to 30 minutes, encouraging conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. It works very well with Deep Conditioning Treatment ! You can use it while bathing, relaxing, or around the house! The velcro bands secure the wrap very well and keep the heat in. Includes wrap, heating gels, a plastic cap and instructions. The cap is washable. Colours are sent randomly!!!

It’s really easy to use. The removable, microwaveable, gel heat packs offer cord-free heating that works with the durable insulation for maximized product penetration. Use the enclosed plastic cap (or any lightweight shower cap) to keep your hair in place and protect the terrycloth.

Oil and reconstructive treatments are activated by the warmth to do their work, as the hair follicle of each strand is relaxed and open for diffusion. The cap feels good and is nice and warm.

Place a gel pack in each pocket of the wrap. There are two rounded side gel packs and one middle gel pack. Make sure that the gel packs lay flat in each compartment. Heat the wrap with the gel inserts in the microwave. I heat for about 60 seconds. Trial and error to feel how much heat you need. While heating place the plastic cap on your head. Put on the wrap with the tail part towards back. Then at the base of the neck, simply twist the fabric firmly for a snug, drip-proof fit and attach to the velcro in the front.

No microwave??? No problem. You can heat the gel packs in boiling water. Bring a pot of water to boil. Remove the gel packs from the hair wrap and immerse only the gel packs in water for no more than 5 minutes. (Do not put the hair wrap in boiling water! Just the gel packs). Remove the gel packs from the water with kitchen tongs. Allow the hot water to drain off and let cool for 1 minute before placing them back into the pockets.

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to use – she does a great job explaining!

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