Head Wraps


No frizz head wraps hand made by me in soft, friendly fabrics. Smoke free home. All fabrics have been prewashed.


Head wraps are fantastic – and stylish – options to keeping you warm in the winter. I wear them year round when feeling a bit boho, but especially in winter. Beanies add static and frizz to curls. By wrapping the fabric around your ears you keep the cold out, but the curls remained unsquished. You can also wear them as a neck wrap/scarf to keep the chill off your throat.

My head wraps are soft, breathable, lightweight and designed with your comfort in mind. The soft stretch of the fabrics mold easily to your head and stay in place through out the day.

All fabrics have been pre-washed (machine warm). Each wrap is personally made by me from fabrics I source mainly in NZ, but sometimes overseas. Some fabrics are vintage, but all are of a high quality.

Except for the merino – which I can re-source easily, all fabrics are limited in regard to style. Once the fabric is gone, it is gone.

Instructions on how to wrap are included. It is very simple and incredibly easy to style, stays put all day long and adjusts to any head size. The key is to start in the front! Then wrap it around your head towards the front, and then back and tuck in the ends for easy hold.


Birds, Brick, Green, Grey, ZigZag

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