Jessicurl is a curlie person, too

Since 2002, Jessicurl has been helping curlies (and wavies and coilies). So on the surface, Jessicurl is a line of products for people for curly hair.

But Jessicurl is also a person – Jess McGuinty (pictured above), the founder of the company.
It’s also a philosophy. One where you are not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to love your curly hair in its natural state.

Jessicurl is all about accepting ourselves and loving our curls. It’s about pride. Because if we are not proud of ourselves, who will be? We are all unique, with different hair types, textures and curl patterns. What we share is our desire to have naturally beautiful curls and quality products to use on them.

Stop straightening it, and realize that You Have the Right To Remain Curly!